815 HighField Ave
Calgary, AB T2G 4C7

Reach Design

For some, the Reach’s greatest competitive advantage is the clever flexibility of its interior design. Multiple design features maximize the Reach’s vocational utility.

The Reach offers a versatile interior space that can be tailored to your particular needs through a variety of vocational packages. These integrated vocational modules take full advantage of the Reach’s impressive interior height and width and are engineered for quick and easy installation without drilling or additional body modifications.

Reach vocational packages are available factory—or dealer—installed.

Reconfiguration is as simple as installation. Vocational modules are designed with quick quarter-turn fasteners for ease of installation—or removal—in minutes.

The Reach offers maximum cargo capacity. By comparison, traditional cargo vans can lose up to 134 cubic feet of usable cargo area/shelving due to the large, curbside cargo doors that slide open for entry to the cargo area.

The engineers spent years devising ways to improve commercial vans and maximize delivery time-savings. The driver cab sliding door requires less time to exit and enter the cargo area than vans with conventional hinged front doors. The walk-through design keeps team members safe and out of the weather. Conventional cargo vans require the driver to exit the vehicle, walk around the vehicle, then re-enter through the side or rear doors. The Reach’s unique walk-through configuration can save seconds per stop, minutes per day, and hours per month.