815 HighField Ave
Calgary, AB T2G 4C7
Reach Step


The interior provides 540 or 630 cubic feet of storage plus up to 27 inches more headroom than a conventional cargo van and ten inches more aisle width than a European van. The Reach’s cargo area enables your drivers to quickly and easily accomplish their jobs without crawling on their knees or leaving product back at the shop.

Some of the Reach’s features are obviously intended to enhance safety, such as the vehicle’s highly visible tread-grip carbide entry steps, integrated yellow cab-entry handle, ergonomic dashboard controls, and optional back-up camera with seven-inch LCD color monitor.

Some safety items are more subtle and reflect how thoroughly the Reach’s designers the needs of a commercial work truck. For example, the Reach’s step-in is a mere 15-inches from the ground, enabling the average driver to easily enter and exit the vehicle. Likewise, the 80-inch-high interior work area and 50-percent wider aisle allow larger, taller drivers to safely and comfortably work upright inside the vehicle.

The Reach’s 4JJ1-TC diesel engine is not just powerful, durable and economical—it’s also surprisingly quiet. In fact, it’s substantially quieter than diesel engines found in current walk-in vans. This reduces driver fatigue, thus increasing driver safety.

Even the Reach’s cab and windshield have been designed to increase visibility. Whereas traditional vans have a sizeable blind spot directly in front of them, ReachTM drivers can see the road as close as 106 inches away. Reach drivers have an expansive view when working in tight areas or on residential job sites.

Applied Ergonomics

Ergonomics are just as important under the hood as they are in the cab. The engine compartment provides easy access to common maintenance items; wire routing and connections are conveniently placed, brake fluid, the high-capacity 1.2-gallon windshield washer fluid reservoir, fuse block and snap-fit battery cover are all, appropriately enough, within easy Reach.

Even the engine location was designed for maximum legroom, allowing for easy driver ingress and egress.

The chassis design offers another plus: a tight turning radius that makes maneuvering the Reach quick and easy. In fact, the Reach offers the turning radius of a conventional cargo van—but with double the cargo capacity.